When something is created with authenticity in mind it produces beauty with impact. That is what my customers are looking for and what I strive for. Forging unique items of jewellery, as an inspired creator and maker, in which I take you on a journey into craftsmanship, beauty and timeless character. Time and time again.

I love to express myself creatively, it is an irresistible process with an inexhaustible source. My creative process is obvious and happens automatically, it is part of who I am. Day by day I am inspired by so many things and almost always I manage to translate it into an item of jewellery; something small, manageable and wearable. Forging precious metals is the language in which I express myself. It is my form, my expression. Gemstones, texture and rhythm also play a significant role in this process. Beauty is everything; well-considered proportions, colour harmonies and a sense of rhythm are the common theme of my work.

Even after 25 years I still feel that there is room for self-development; I will never know it all, my work will never be complete. The scent and feel of gold and silver, the amazing sparkle of gemstones… they are my subject matter. Filing, hammering, forging, soldering and pouring – I thoroughly enjoy each and every activity involved in the creation of a piece of jewellery.

Nothing beats mastering a specific craft and then converting it into pure beauty. I cherish the slowness of a process by which you inject life into something. The subtle interplay between form and subject matter gives me a myriad of ideas. Starting from a love of my subject matter, I experiment at my workbench to find that moment when it all comes together in harmony and an item of jewellery is brought to life.

"Daisy Verheyden studied jewellery design and goldsmithing at Sint Lucas Paviljoen in Antwerp. She has been working as an independent jewellery designer since 1995. Her workshop and gallery are based in Ostend."