Brussels Jewellery Week 2022

The first edition of Brussels Jewellery Week begins on 29 April. Ten days brimming with exhibitions, workshops, inspiring places and creators. The event targets artists, collectors and an international public.

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New website

When creating my new website I was fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded creative spirits. They helped to make sure that my new website conveys the values I, as a designer and creator, hold dear.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the Oskar D team for the creative development of the site. A heartfelt thank you also to Manu Bloemen for making sure that the tactile appeal of my jewellery is reflected in superb images.

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To Be 2019

Alexander Nys

Following the amazing success of the previous 3 editions, To Be once again organised an exceptional tour of creative locations in the Antwerp Theatre District in 2019.

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Photo shoot

Manu Bloemen | Mablphoto

Daisy’s narrative on craftsmanship, beauty and timeless character was captured magnificently in images by the photographer Manu Bloemen and stylist Ellen Monstrey.
The photographs perfectly reflect the intrinsic class and simple elegance of her work.

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Reopening Vermandere-Verheyden gallery

Following several madly busy weeks of relocation and reorganisation, Daisy’s workshop has been revamped and is ready to go again. From now on Peter and Daisy will be happy to welcome you, by appointment, at their stunning gallery in Maurice Verbaetsteeg 21.

Master-Apprentice project

Patrick Storme

A bursary has been awarded for the first time in Flanders to promote the passing on of craftsmanship as part of a master-apprentice project. Daisy Verheyden was selected for this unique project by gold/silversmith Patrick Storme, who over an eighteen month period will pass on his chiselling knowledge and skills, a metalwork technique that has been used from time immemorial.

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Time for a new chapter

Dear Customers, Contacts, Friends & Family,

I have been pondering this for some time but now I am able to enthusiastically make an announcement… it is time for a change!

Don’t worry, my narrative has not come to an end, it will continue but it will be somewhat different, a new chapter is being written. Hence the need for some further explanation.

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Opening of Diva

Antwerp Home of Diamonds

As you may have gathered from the press, DIVA - the sparkling new Antwerp diamond museum - recently opened its doors. A stunning location where diamonds are, quite justifiably, placed on a pedestal. Allow Jérôme, the house butler, to take you on a tour of the different rooms to discover the most valuable hidden treasures.

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Sur Soie a guest of Daisy Verheyden

It is no secret that Daisy likes to interact with other creative individuals. A meeting between people with a passion for precious materials and an eye for beauty creates electricity.

This time Daisy invited Sur Soie, a luxury hand painted scarves label based in Antwerp.

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To Be 2017

Ysatis Rivart

Daisy Verheyden and Peter Vermandere would like to extend a warm welcome at To Be 2017, the artistic event in which businesses and cultural organisations offer a platform to recently graduated artists.

Following the amazing success of the previous edition, To Be once again organises an exceptional tour of creative locations in the Antwerp Theatre District.

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Poetic Pearls

Marilyn Monroe sometimes wore nothing but her pearl necklace and Chanel N°5, Cleopatra mixed pearls into her wine to highlight her extravagance. Throughout history pearls have beautified women and men, subtly emphasised wealth and origin and stimulated fantasies. Daisy Verheyden is working steadily and patiently on her new ‘Pearls’ collection.

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HIB label

Using the authenticity label ‘HANDMADE IN BELGIUM’, UNIZO (Organisation for the self-employed and SMEs) recognises the makers of authentic and artisanal quality products. Daisy Verheyden’s showroom will proudly display this label from now on.

Total makeover

Daisy Verheyden would like to invite you join in a toast to the successful “makeover” of her workshop and shop in Leopoldstraat.

You are more than welcome to attend the reopening weekend on Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November, from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs.

Look forward to seeing you then!
Daisy Verheyden

City 2 Exhibition

Peter Quirijnen

I like to be surrounded by beauty and love to work with artists who share my vision. The idea for the CITY 2 exhibition originated in my love of the art of painting, which often moves me and makes me contemplative. When I saw Peter Quirijnen’s oeuvre for the first time it immediately touched something in me. You can keep on looking at his work as it sends you in a daydream.

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In Between

Jewellery designer Daisy Verheyden will present three series of recently created items of jewellery this autumn: In between… Times, Moments and Lines. Although they all have individual themes they are connected by the common idea behind Daisy’s work: her ongoing quest for beauty and fondness of precious metals.

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Subject matter & master craftsmanship

Life begins at 40! On the occasion of her 40th birthday jewellery designer Daisy Verheyden is organising a “Subject Matter and Master Craftsmanship” exhibition, which will run from 20th October to 19th November.

Visit the Vermandere-Verheyden gallery in Leopoldstraat in Antwerp to discover the latest collection by Daisy Verheyden, together with a selection of work by four artists from various disciplines: Piet Raemdonck, Hilde Metz, Jean Decoster and Peter Vermandere.

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Floating Lines

Jewellery artist Daisy Verheyden is introducing her latest ‘Floating Lines’ creations. From 28 November the jewellery collection, which includes armbands, earrings and cufflinks, will be on display in the Vermandere-Verheyden boutique annexe workshop in Leopoldstraat, Antwerp. With its simplicity and pure line structures the collection exudes a sense of timeless beauty. Less is more…

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