Floating Lines

Jewellery artist Daisy Verheyden is introducing her latest Floating Lines creations. From 28 November the jewellery collection, which includes armbands, earrings and cufflinks, will be on display in the Vermandere-Verheyden boutique annexe workshop in Leopoldstraat, Antwerp. With its simplicity and pure line structures the collection exudes a sense of timeless beauty. Less is more…

“Each new jewellery range constitutes a search, which gradually develops from patient experimentation at the workbench in my workshop,” jewellery designer Daisy Verheyden explained. “Each time I want to challenge myself and move in a totally new direction. I love the intense search that precedes a new creation: trying out new shapes, carefully exploring the possibilities of the material and testing new applications. I always wait for the moment when all the pieces of the puzzle come together and a new creation falls into place: aesthetically and technically.”

The new ‘Floating Lines’ range came about following an experiment involving wire folding and rolling. It stands out because of its simplicity and natural line structure. More than ever before the creation is based purely on essence, balance and harmony.