Opening of Diva

As you may have gathered from the press, DIVA - the sparkling new Antwerp diamond museum - recently opened its doors. A stunning location where diamonds are, quite justifiably, placed on a pedestal. Allow Jérôme, the house butler, to take you on a tour of the different rooms to discover the most valuable hidden treasures. You will start in the Wonder Room, then proceed via the Workshop, the International Trade Room, the Dining Room and the Safe to the Boudoir. Discover the diva within you! And a little bit of Daisy too!

In 2000 the museum bought one of my pieces of jewellery, which is still on display at DIVA today. They recently contacted me again asking me for my narrative as a jewellery designer. The result can be seen and heard now in the Workshop, but the following is a sneak preview of it.

The highly desirable precious diamond remains one of my favourites, no other stone sparkles with such confidence. Sometimes I will position it as an impressive centrepiece of a jewel, although often I will allow several smaller ones to dazzle as a sparkling detail. Diamond has an innate beauty so that in most cases very little needs to be added. Nevertheless, I continue to look for designs in which I can combine and forge precious metal with the impressive character of the stone in order to create a harmonious piece of jewellery.

DIVA | Antwerp Home of Diamonds

Suikerrui 17 - 19
2000 Antwerp
Open from 10-18h, except on Wednesdays.