In Between

Jewellery designer Daisy Verheyden will present three series of recently created items of jewellery this autumn: In between… Times, Moments and Lines. Although they all have individual themes they are connected by the common idea behind Daisy’s work: her ongoing quest for beauty and fondness of precious metals.

IN BETWEEN TIMES fluctuates between old and new. Jewellery classics such as a solitaire are given a contemporary twist: the shape, the stone in its setting are subtly refined so that Daisy adds her own touch to the classics, with a sparkling diamond taking centre stage. Because beauty is timeless.

IN BETWEEN MOMENTS is guided by a passion for gemstones. When these unique, exceptional pieces crossed Daisy’s path she could not resist. Daisy Verheyden: ‘Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be guided by a stone’s natural beauty and grab the moment to do something with it.’ She combined gemstones with gold accents and hey presto a stunning set of drop earrings was born. Beauty can be, and must remain, unadulterated.

IN BETWEEN LINES carries on from the ‘Floating Lines’ collection, which focused on an elegant line structure. Obsidian, mountain crystal and tourmaline beads combined into long, graceful necklaces that flow together – or should we say contrast – with the arabesque of precious metals. Daisy already presented several of these very special necklaces at ‘The Adornment of Man’, an exhibition staged at the Hilde Metz textile gallery at the end of 2012. Over time they naturally developed into a small collection. Because beauty is a work in progress … In between …