Subject matter & master craftmanship

Life begins at 40! On the occasion of her 40th birthday jewellery designer Daisy Verheyden is organising a “Subject Matter and Master Craftsmanship” exhibition, which will run from 20th October to 19th November.

Visit the Vermandere-Verheyden gallery in Leopoldstraat in Antwerp to discover the latest collection by Daisy Verheyden, together with a selection of work by four artists from various disciplines: Piet Raemdonck, Hilde Metz, Jean Decoster and Peter Vermandere.

The common theme of the exhibition is craftsmanship and the artists’ preference for their ‘own’ specific subject matter or materials. Together with each artist Daisy Verheyden also created a limited edition broach, a true collectors’ item, of which only 40 copies were made.

“I want to bring together beautiful people with beautiful things,” Daisy commented. “On the one hand I am showing my own new work in which (precious) stones, colour, subject matter and rhythm play a significant part. On the other hand I am inviting four artists, who I met over the course of many years and with whom I share a passion for craftsmanship and subject matter. The sensitivity, beauty and sincerity of their work touched me.”

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