Time for a new chapter

Dear Customers, Contacts, Friends & Family,

I have been pondering this for some time but now I am able to enthusiastically make an announcement… it is time for a change!

Don’t worry, my narrative has not come to an end, it will continue but it will be somewhat different, a new chapter is being written. Hence the need for some further explanation.

In my career as a designer I have followed a particularly interesting path. At gallery ZIJSPRONG we worked with national and international designers, I participated in exhibitions, competitions, international workshops and trade fairs. I designed numerous collections and found a fixed abode in Leopoldstraat in Antwerp.

However, over the past few years I have increasingly felt more of a ‘seller’ at this commercial site, whereas the ‘artist/creator’ in me would now prefer to concentrate again on what I am passionate about. I am ready to focus once again on my artistic values and go back to basics.

What does this mean in real terms? In due course I will happily finalise the Leopoldstraat chapter and return to my roots: our urban oasis in the recently reconstructed and rebaptised Maurice Verbaetsteeg. Soon I will be able to welcome you there in a haven of peace and tranquillity. It is somewhere where I will be able to surround myself with beauty and focus on what makes my heart sing: creating something beautiful.

The doors will finally close in Leopoldstraat at the end of this year. A festive stock sale will start at the beginning of November.
From 20 September I would like to offer you, as a good and loyal customer, family or friend, an attractive discount on a number of selected items of jewellery. An ideal opportunity to meet again, catch up and raise a glass to the new chapter.