Poetic Pearls

Marilyn Monroe sometimes wore nothing but her pearl necklace and Chanel N°5, Cleopatra mixed pearls into her wine to highlight her extravagance. Throughout history pearls have beautified women and men, subtly emphasised wealth and origin and stimulated fantasies. Daisy Verheyden is working steadily and patiently on her new Pearls collection. Pearls are associated with a degree of slowness, a natural process that can take many years in which the oyster deposits precious mother of pearl layer by layer. Incorporating pearls into a jewel also takes time, patience and perseverance.

Whenever Daisy Verheyden came across beautiful examples they were given a place in her valuable collection. Now the time has come to give them the attention they deserve. The timeless beauty of pearls fits in seamlessly with Daisy Verheyden’s work. The noble gold metal she loves to work with is malleable, she can shape it the way she wants. A pearl on the other hand has its own unique shape and colour, and is both tough and fragile. Elegantly combining these two worlds presents a challenge to a skilled jewellery designer. The new collection not only includes several traditional pieces, but also original and contemporary combinations. Delicate necklaces made of small gold plates combined with fine pearls display a rarely seen beauty. Deploying the patience of a saint and extremely refined craftsmanship, Daisy Verheyden combines the pearls into unique creations for the confident women of today. Even though a pearl may seem classic and traditional at first glance, it continues to stimulate our imagination.

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