Sur Soie a guest of Daisy Verheyden

It is no secret that Daisy likes to interact with other creative individuals. A meeting between people with a passion for precious materials and an eye for beauty creates electricity.

This time Daisy invited Sur Soie, a luxury hand painted scarves label based in Antwerp. Pure silk or merino wool act as a canvas for delightful patterns and surprising designs. Based on true craftsmanship, each scarf is unique. Sometimes incorporating a sober design, at other times exuberantly colourful.

Daisy created a series of long necklaces in her discerning ‘contemporary classic’ style especially for this event. Changing the shape and appeal by subtly hammering the silver and gold, she simultaneously allows the precious metal to speak for itself. Because of their length the necklaces exude the same sense of fluidity that is typical of Sur Soie scarves.