To Be 2017

Daisy Verheyden and Peter Vermandere would like to extend a warm welcome at To Be 2017, the artistic event in which businesses and cultural organisations offer a platform to recently graduated artists.

Following the amazing success of the previous edition, To Be once again organises an exceptional tour of creative locations in the Antwerp Theatre District. This edition includes no less than 47 graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and St. Lucas Antwerp, who exhibit across 43 art trader locations from Friday 23/11 to Sunday 1/12/2019.

Daisy Verheyden was immediately captivated by the poetic combination of text and graphic design by Ysatis Rivart. Her graduation project is based on a beautiful narrative around Bluebird, a caged blue bird. It symbolises her own problem, that of occasional stuttering. Even though she usually wants to hide it, having read Bukowski’s well known poem entitled Bluebird, she realised that stuttering is part of her nature. Rivart’s oeuvre makes you think about the Bluebird within yourself and what it does to you. For her it is stuttering… what about you?